If you’re looking at this option, it’s very likely that you know about the sessions you need to do to improve your running. Still, you want someone to take a look and analyse your data, sessions and maybe your nutrition with an outside view. That can be for putting the right amount of recovery or where to put the sessions, how to structure your taper in and out of events. With my year-long experience as a competitive runner, I am happy to help you. 


How does it work?

A consultation is for me to asess you as a runner and look for ways to improve your running in a way that you can go away and do yourself.  This can be done via Zoom or can be done face to face





What’s included?

So what im looking to do is look at the following

  • Running Technique - Approx 30mins Assessment (for Zoom calls this can be sent to me via video)
  • Mobility, Strength & Posture specific to running - Approx 30mins Session (This can also be done via Zoom)

Running Assesmments can be done on a treadmill or by me watching you run whilst i run along side you.

After this assessment we will spend around 60mins discussing this and putting toegther a bespoke plan for you to go away with

This will include all of the follwing

  • Running Drills to work on your weaknesses or just minor improvements
  • Strength works specific to the findings in the assessment
  • A training plan guide for whatever goal or personal challenge your looking to achieve


This is a really beneifcial for those looking to improve as a runner but maybe not looking to be tied into a coaching plan or gym membership with personal trainers.  I will then also provide a PDF personalised to you with all the findings that you will have to refer to.

Cost of this Consultation is £75 - Travel to areas beyond 10miles from the Llangollen area can be arranged with a mileage charge to cover the cost of travelling.


For more information please get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone.