Sports Nutrition Consultation

I think every athlete, whether a social runner or an elite athlete, realises that nutrition plays a major part in the building blocks of structured training. Fuelling those sessions and using nutrition to aid with recovery becomes just as important as actually doing the sessions. It’s so important and is often the piece in the jigsaw that people are missing. It’s not that difficult with the right guidance to make small changes to get significant improvements in training and performance. That’s both from a fuelling to training and recovery point of view but also the bigger picture of generally having a healthier lifestyle.

In my experience, people aren’t often eating enough or are stuck in a cycle of diets. Personally, I don’t see the longevity in something that feels like you’re denying yourself something. At one point, it will become unsustainable. Runners shouldn’t be dieting, they should be fuelling.

Whilst Im not exclusively vegan I would class myself as someone who is for the most part plant based when it comes to the food side of things, i experimented a great deal in this side of things so can offer some great advice and insight into nutrition if you are fully plant based or vegan, and also with the supplements that are now on offer that are vegan.

My offer to you is a sports nutrition consultation geared around sports performance.


Who would this suit?

A consultation can be for anyone who is wondering if they are fuelling their running right, whether it be from an energy in sessions point of view or from a recovery point of view. Fatigue is very common in developing athletes and often nutrition can be the key to progress. A consultation is a great idea to really understand your needs nutritionally.


How does it work?

A consultation can be face-to-face, via Zoom, Skype or via telephone but the ability to share a screen is very helpful.

I’ll ask you to prepare a typical couple of days in a food diary for me to assess before the session.


What will you get as part of the consultation?

  • In-depth analysis of your provided food diary
  • In-depth report of how your nutrition should look based on your physiology and activity levels
  • Some typical structured meal plans as a guide on macronutrient balance
  • Some recipes for nutritional meals
  • Recommendations going forward on how to get the best from your nutrition
  • 1 follow-up session to assess your progress.


The cost of a consultation is £60.


For booking or for more information, please use the contact us area on the page and send me a message. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.