So I am qualified as a Level 3 and 4 Sports Massage Therapist meaning i can see you for maintenance massages and also for possible injuries, the level 4 means I have a greater depth of understanding of anatomy and can assess and treat a wide variety of muscular dysfunctions and injuries.

 As early as 3000BC, the Chinese have practiced massage to cure ailments and improve general health. In fact, the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and   all major civilizations, including today’s western modern medicine, have recognised the benefits of massage.

 Sports Massage is a specific type of massage developed over thousands of years.  It is a blend of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point techniques; which are designed to improve and maintain soft tissues of the body, prevent injury and aid recovery of the body’s muscular systems.

 Whether you’re a professional athlete or just like to keep fit.  If you like to push yourself to your physical limits through movements such as   running,  cycling, hiking etc or simply exert yourself through strenuous daily activities for example, at work, mothers with small children, gardening   etc – Sports Massage can help you!



Too many times people resort to taking prescribed tablets to mask out the pain caused by a muscular imbalance, but this is not getting to the root of the problem.

Sports Massage, applied skilfully, is arguably the most effective therapy for releasing muscular tension and restoring balance to the musculoskeletal system.  Received regularly this may help prevent injuries caused by overuse.


My Services



Relieve Muscular Tension

Helping your muscles to relax which increases joint mobility

Relieve Stresses on Joints, Ligaments & Tendons

Break Down Scar Tissue

Prevent Injury

Improve Flexibility of muscles, ligaments and tendons

Increase both blood and lymphatic circulation

There is also a huge argument and a lot of science backing up the psychological benefits of massage for reducing fatigue, and also stress and anxiety.


“According to the evidence “Strength training reduced sports injuries to less than 1/3 and overuse injuries could be almost halved” (Lauersen et al, 2013).”



WHAT SERVICES CAN I OFFER - I am a Mobile Therpapist and will travel to your home

I aim to offer a professional service to all clients i see and on the findings from initial assessment this will guide me to the best possible treatment to offer to you whether that be a basic sports massage or whether that be that a more specialised approach from the below options is needed.  


Basis Maintenance Sports Massage

Postural assessment & corrections 

Joint and muscle testing

Sports & Remedial Massage

Myofascial Release

Soft Tissue Release & Mobilisation

Joint Mobilisations

Muscle Energy Techniques

Trigger Point Therapy

Mobility & Stretching exercises

Strength & Corrective Exercise Therapy


Myofascial Cupping is Now available as part of all treatments



 I can treat all issues ranging from Lower back pains, Sports Injuries, Day to Day issues and even offer simple relaxation massages to aid better sleep and day to day life.







What will a Treatment Involve?

  • Initial Consultation for Postural & Strength Assessment
  • Subjective & Objective Assessment
  • Treatment guided by the above
  • Rehab Plans will be provided and demonstrated where needed


Gift Vouchers Also available for all treatments



 To enquire about a massage please drop me a mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or Whatsapp me on 07540470631.

I am also available to hire for Pre Event & Post Massage at Events - Contact me for more info on the above.

Payments via cards and Apple Pay via contactless are accepted.

 I am fully insured and qualified and carry with me copies of my insurance and certification.

Working at Bath Half Marathon on Behalf of PTA Healthcare Oct 2023


 Proudly A Member of the Association for Soft Tissue Therapists

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